Or something.

I went on Jack'd, the hookup app for gay black men, to get laid. Instead I got recognized.

After two hours of searching my not that large apartment, I found my keys in a kitchen cabinet. I love your blog, The Cynical Ones! I never dawned on me that to some — namely those younger or around the same age as me — I am one of the few working gay black male writers they know. I forgot that there are many — but few of me. Since I work from home, being clocked on a hook up app is my realization that people might actually read me.

On the other: That is not the point of a hook app up.

Moreover, because I know there is a stigma attached to those who use these apps, I worried that being visible on Jack'd would eventually lead someone to question my character. I never asked what was said.

Ollie Locke & Jack Rogers Discuss Their New Gay Dating App, "Chappy"

I just immediately deleted the app. A month later I reinstalled it, then days later deleted it again. A lot of people have an attitude about apps. The stigmas attached stuck with me.

Indecent disclosure: Gay dating app left “private” images, data exposed to Web (Updated)

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  • Gay dating app Jack'd stored users' private images and data on unsecured AWS server / Boing Boing.
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  • Jack’d - Gay Chat & Dating.
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Self-described IM veteran covers the latest in messaging trends and videography. And since location data and phone identifying data were also available, users of the application could be targeted. There's reason to be concerned.

The thin silver lining

Jack'd developer Online-Buddies Inc. The bug is fixed in a February 7 update. But the fix comes a year after the leak was first disclosed to the company by security researcher Oliver Hough and more than three months after Ars Technica contacted the company's CEO, Mark Girolamo, about the issue. Unfortunately, this sort of delay is hardly uncommon when it comes to security disclosures, even when the fix is relatively straightforward.


And it points to an ongoing problem with the widespread neglect of basic security hygiene in mobile applications. According to investigators, the year-old Chinese […].

Jack’d - Gay Chat & Dating

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